Games i've made

Simple platformer game (40.4 MB)
simple platformer game. short. has secrets and a time system. Get a bonus for completing the game with both all secrets and all par times.

Simple Rhythm Game(23.3MB)
Simple rhythm game that I made. Has 2 lanes and a judgement system similar to lunatic rave 2. Only has one song and I got lazy with the ending lol. Scores will be saved. I wanted to see if I could set up a download link plus there is an issue with webgl in unity 2020 so thats why you can only download it.

BulletHellGame(goes to game page)

This is the first real game I made in unity. The goal is just to survive and get the highest score possible. Your hitbox is tiny, so you'll only take damage if the very center of your ship is hit. Also, there is a simple dynamic difficulty system, where over time the difficulty increases, and if you get hit it decreases. The difficulty controls the enemy spawn rates. Precision slows you down, but it doesn't actually tighten up accuracy as I forgot and it's better to shoot all over anyways with the constant spawns. You gain new weaponry as your power increases.

Uses WebGL so you don't have to download it but the framerate isn't that good. Lost interest in this game so not gonna update or fix it if anything is broken. Clicking the link will bring you to the game's page. Requires javascript and unity.